Disturbing My Calvinism

Yes, sometimes my Calvinism gets disturbed, even by Scripture itself. That is why articles such as this one, Luke 13:34 Disturbs My Calvinism, are so helpful. Also interesting is Can Catholics Be Saved? And, Doctrine at Reformation. For a quick eschatology overview of different millenial positions, don’t miss Millenial Views.

However, I do not agree with everything on the site. I specifically disagree with Grudem on Baptism: Meaning and Mode (opposing), and Infant Baptism (1), and Infant Baptism (2), but they are all excellent articles and should be read, even if you hold to the Credobaptist position as I do. I believe that the site is basically Presbyterian in theology, and that should be kept in mind when perusing the site: it has excellent theological information.

OK, that’s a LOT of links for one post, but this really is a good site! Bookmark it. Or even better, bookmark this blog instead. 😉

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Some Christmas Thoughts By James White

Some Christmas Thoughts – Pros Apologian

I need to be careful and not post too many links to James White’s blog. Some people may find his blog more interesting and never come back. And it might already be too late! 🙂

Seriously though, James White always seems to have something interesting and helpful to say, and he is a true scholar. Now, for those who went to his blog and came back here, I did not link to his blog because it talks about Ergun Caner (though I confess I find that an interesting topic). But the primary reason for the link is for the Scriptural texts that he quotes which speak of the eternality of the Son of God, helping to balance the almost exclusive focus on the Incarnation. The Incarnation is a wonderful truth, but we place way too much emphasis on the infancy of Jesus Christ. It’s almost like we want Him to be weak and vulnerable in His appearance to us instead of Sovereign and Lord. Portraying Christ as Sovereign and Lord in glorious majesty and dominion over all, with Lordship and salvation belonging exclusively to Him and no other, offends the majority of human beings, but it is nothing short of the truth desperately needed to be proclaimed in these dark days. “Salvation is of the Lord” (Jonah 2:9 KJV).

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Roman Catholic Infant Baptism

Horrific Argumentation Illustration #5498 – Pros Apologian

This is a good post against Roman Catholic Infant Baptism; or rather, it is against one Catholic apologist’s faulty views of Catholic infant baptism, at the very least.

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