Disturbing My Calvinism

Yes, sometimes my Calvinism gets disturbed, even by Scripture itself. That is why articles such as this one, Luke 13:34 Disturbs My Calvinism, are so helpful. Also interesting is Can Catholics Be Saved? And, Doctrine at Reformation. For a quick eschatology overview of different millenial positions, don’t miss Millenial Views.

However, I do not agree with everything on the site. I specifically disagree with Grudem on Baptism: Meaning and Mode (opposing), and Infant Baptism (1), and Infant Baptism (2), but they are all excellent articles and should be read, even if you hold to the Credobaptist position as I do. I believe that the site is basically Presbyterian in theology, and that should be kept in mind when perusing the site: it has excellent theological information.

OK, that’s a LOT of links for one post, but this really is a good site! Bookmark it. Or even better, bookmark this blog instead. šŸ˜‰

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