The Baptism of Disciples Alone

Fred Malone’s book “The Baptism of Disciples Alone” would be another fine book to have in a theological library (why is it that I only seem to find these books when they go out of print?). I am of the Credobaptist persuasion, though my friend ManyMarius (whose article I posted in the blog entry previous to this one) leans towards the Paedobaptist position. Needless to say, we don’t agree, though I pray we can always express that disagreement in a Christian and gentlemanly manner (somehow somewhere I read a proverb, authored by someone unknown to me, that I really like which said, “Make your words sweet, because you may have to eat them.“).

Edit: Perhaps the best place to start researching this issue is here:

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  1. found Malone’s book to be quite disappointing, honestly. Inadequate understanding of the Regulative Principle of Worship (supposedly one of the strengths of his book was getting us Presby’s with our own sword!), sloppy reasoning…and some other stuff I can’t remember, since it was about 8 months ago I wrote my critique and have done a wholllle lot since 🙂

  2. Hey HC, if you have a link to your critique, would you please post it? Thanks.

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