Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart, or Did Pharaoh?

Interesting James White article.

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How can Jesus be both God and man?

Read this. Then bookmark it. Or vice-versa.

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More Christian Linux stuff

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Jesux, the Christian Linux OS that wasn’t

Jesux. Yes, that’s right. No, it’s not some atheist’s anti-Christian linux mad science project that escaped from the lab and is now running loose in the wild. Though you might think that with one or two glances at what could be called a horrible name (at least from a Christian perspective). By “wasn’t” in the title I meant to infer its continued “lack” of existence, not reason for (almost) existing.

It’s actually Christian in intent, with an even more oddball pronunciation (Hay-sooks???), and a not so surprising stillborn delivery. Sorry, for being critical, but I have to be honest (Where do people get these ideas? And perhaps more importantly, how on earth do I dig this stuff up from the bowels of the Internet?). OK, I admit—I am blogging this simply to waste electrons, internet bandwidth, distract otherwise weary eyeballs, and steal visual stimuli processing time in your brain just for reading this–so I can produce the thought in your head, this blog entry just wasted my precious time! Sorry about that. Really.

Three word summary of my review: just plain silly.

*EDIT* Found out this was a hoax (see “More Christian Linux stuff” above)

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The Word FM

I really feel like I should link to the other Christian radio station I listen to here.

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Book Review of Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven

Challies Dot Com has an interesting book view on an interesting book by an interesting person named Don Piper who claims and wrote a book about a visit to heaven, titled 90 Minutes in Heaven. I just happened to hear an interview tonight with Don Piper himself on the local radio station KBJS in the Jacksonville, TX area (Haven Today with Charles Morris). I was impressed with Don Piper’s warmth and sincerity, but not his heaven or his so-called visit there. To borrow from the Challies book review I linked to in the title of this post, a Christian describing a Christless heaven just bothers me for some reason (and I can state personally that he did not mention seeing Christ once in his so-called heavenly journey, which is troubling to say the least).

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Baptists and Calvinism article

James White links to a very interesting article by John Orlando on “Baptists and Calvinism.”

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Faith Browser

Firefox, for Christians.

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Ubuntu Christian Edition

Ubuntu 6.06 Linux, for Christians.

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