Chicago Statement of Inerrancy

This is excellent. This post originally had BGCT in the title, and I must admit there are some good points about the BGCT, but I want to personally reaffirm my belief in Biblical inerrancy and my immediate disagreement with anyone (BGCT or not) who denies inerrancy. Belief in inerrancy simply isn’t optional in my opinion.

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  1. BGCT?

  2. Baptist General Convention of Texas

  3. i heard it was “baptist God can’t trust” from a pastor i once had. but i know there are some good guys in it. but there is also a lt of nuts too.

  4. One of my friends called them “Baptists Gone Crazy in Texas” but that wasn’t directed towards all of them, just the ones who deny inerrancy and such.

  5. win r u going 2 update the page

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