The Christian Nation Myth

This is really beginning to bother me. America has never been a Christian nation, and never will be. Such an idea is a logical impossibility, if Scripture such as Matthew 7:13 means anything at all. That verse states (NASB), “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.” Furthermore, history itself invalidates this conception. In addition to the article linked above, there are other good articles on this as well.

FFRF: Is America a Christian Nation? No.
AU: Is America a ‘Christian Nation’? No.
Biblical Discernment Ministries: Is America a “Christian” Nation? No.
Atheism.About.Com: America a Christian Nation? No.
Skeptic Tank: Is America a Christian Nation? No.

And in the interest of fairness, I will post an article which is not as supportive of my views as I would like.

Catholic Education: Is America a Christian Nation? Yes and no.

Please understand, I am a Christian. I do not endorse any of the above sites necessarily, except wherein I find agreement with their views. Explicitly, for the purposes of this blog post, that means I endorse the view that the belief of America being a Christian nation is a myth. As serious Christians, we really ought to practice our holy faith and devotion in reality as we find it, not as we would like it to be (and I sincerely desire that this myth were completely truthful instead!). I for one believe that the Scriptures which speak of being “Salt and Light” in Matthew 5:13-16 are much more important than earthly political identifications and partisan struggles anyway. Or at least, they SHOULD be.

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e-Sword on Linux, revisited

Finally got it to work as desired on Linux. Still can’t install any modules, so I did the next best thing, which is copying the e-Sword folder from the Windows side to the Linux side, and adding the appropriate DLLs needed as Wine overrides (riched20, msls31). The registry had to be updated to point to the new e-Sword location, too. But now it works almost perfectly, pop-ups and all.

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Sylvania Church

This is my church. And our sermons are generally available on iTunes. You can directly access the podcast feed by clicking here.

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Chicago Statement of Inerrancy

This is excellent. This post originally had BGCT in the title, and I must admit there are some good points about the BGCT, but I want to personally reaffirm my belief in Biblical inerrancy and my immediate disagreement with anyone (BGCT or not) who denies inerrancy. Belief in inerrancy simply isn’t optional in my opinion.

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The Village Church Podcast

This is what I wished I had in the last blog post.

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Matt Chandler of the Village Church

Recently I discovered Matt Chandler of the Village Church, Highland Village, TX. He preached two services at the FOCUS 2006 in Arlington, TX, put on by the BGCT to the best of my knowledge. In short, he is an excellent expository preacher with contemporary application.

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Grace And Truth Enterprises

Conrad Murrell’s G.A.T.E. ministry.

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Malcom Ellis Revival Ministries

Malcom Ellis evangelism ministry.

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